Christmas In Middleburg consistently and frequently promotes the December three day-long activities with our headline elements of the Middleburg Hunt Review and the Christmas Parade.

In addition we:

  • Heavily feature sponsors in all media, as well as all MBPA member activities and specials that are offered.
  • Promote a cooperative offer from hoteliers and restaurants to Stay and Play in Middleburg, keyed on the Friday Tree Lighting Ceremony and an overnight to remain in town for the parade.
  • Use an integrated approach with email, website updates, blog, Facebook, and Twitter, supplemented (if financially available) by radio and print.
  • Promote via radio such as WINC and WTOP.
  • Promote via print such the Eccentric, The Georgetowner, Ashburn/Leesburg Today and Post Local Living.
  • Email blasts from Christmas in Middleburg to everyone, and from Christmas in Middleburg to MBPA. The MPBA emails will be formatted with room for each business recipient to enter their store particulars, the featured special events, and discounts they are presenting. The MBPA member then sends the email out to its membership list.


The effort of each Middleburg business MBPA member to push content out to their entire email lists is a critical element to reaching qualified audiences. For the business, our content is something fun and entertaining for businesses to show their customers, not just the usual tell and sell emails.

Our new marketing communications PDF will be available shortly.

Email Schedule

Days in Advance



Release Date

Day Of Parade



Day of parade 

Still time to Stay and Play in Middleburg



5 days out 

Fun Family Festival Activities



1 week out 

Town-wide Shopping Offers and Discounts



2 weeks out 

Featured Parade Participant Updates



3 weeks out 

News About Overall Schedule of Events



4 weeks out 

Stay and Play Middleburg Promotion



5 weeks out 

Pre-Event Tree Lighting Ceremony



6 weeks out 

Geo-Cache Scavenger Hunt



7 weeks out 

Three Way Alliance Christmas in Middleburg, Town, MBPA



8 weeks out 

New Schedule, New Plans, New Events, New Features, New Sponsors



9 weeks out 

Website, Updates, Blog, Facebook, Twitter:

  • Informational postings and updates picking up and reinforcing email blast content.

  • Heavy features for sponsors and businesses organizing special activities and shopping discounts.

  • Ongoing coverage as any development merits mentioning.

 Print Materials:

  • Posters, for display within Middleburg and area places of business, will be made available immediately following Halloween.

  • Day of Parade Schedule of Events handout card guides for Middleburg businesses will be distributed throughout the week of the parade.

Sponsorship Levels:

Parade Entry $250

Commercial groups and large non-profits - parade entry only

1/2 Page Ad $525

5½“ wide x 4¼“ high 4C printed in the parade-day program guide distributed to 6,000 in Middleburg.

Full Page Ad $680

5½“ wide x 8½“ high 4C printed in the parade-day program guide distributed to 6,000 in Middleburg.

Angel Sponsor

All Inclusive Package

  • Parade entry

  • Logo featured with a hotlink to your website throughout the campaign

  • Company and logo featured throughout the eight-issue email campaign, which receives 46% open rate and 20% click through rate

  • Company and logo are featured on the website with a sponsor description, from October 1 - December 31, reaching 6,778 unique visitors with 8,920 visits

  • Logo featured on the poster distributed after Halloween

  • Receive a ½ page ad in the parade-day program guide distributed to 6,000 in Middleburg

  • Company representative is a guest on the Parade Porch and is introduced as a VIP Dignitary by the parade announcer

  • Featured in a special press release and media announcement

Commercial Sign-up

To sign up as a Sponsor: please complete this form and make the appropriate payment.

Individual Selection
(see pricing below)
Angel Sponsor All-Inclusive Package $1,625  
Parade Entry $250 1/2 Page Ad in Program Guide $395 Full Page Ad in Program Guide $680  

This is what the Parade Announcer will say about your entry.

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Contact Information:

Jim Herbert, Organizer


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

PO Box 2255, Middleburg, VA, 20118